Lifting off


Something is lifting off me. It feels like a set of heavy scale armour – the weight of trying to please others. I have lived my life, attempting to please other people who may think about me for… one moment a day? At the absolute bloody most. And here I am, spending 24-7-365 with myself.

I just chuckled aloud. What have I been doing all this time?

Forgiveness. Forgiveness.

I’m one who believes that 20 (or 40, 60, 87…) years worth of effort for even just one minute of freedom before shuffling off this mortal coil, would be entirely worth it. There is no waste on the healing journey.

And there are always more layers to shed anyhow. This particular layer though, feels like a really heavy one. Something bright & shiny might be underneath once it’s fully uncovered.


A couple of photos from yesterday:






Best wishes all xx








It stuck with me

In my dream last night, I was standing back watching (in amazement and admiration) a woman who greeted all strangers with an embrace and kind words.

Someone unseen whispered in my ear:

“She treats everyone she meets as an equal; because she believes in a higher power, a higher order to things.”

I woke, and wrote out that sentence.